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National Events printed


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This product is a new events printed for two memory championships with national standards (National Championship No. 1 and 2), where the events for each championship contain about 100 pages and they are printed in color and in high quality, these events are produced by the Arab Memory Championship Foundation and were not presented in any previous championships, which is For the competitors who want to get them to do experimental championships in preparation for the real championships, it is 11 events for two new championships, and is sent in paper form.

The Foundation has 5 different models of this product (National Championship No. 1 and 2, National Championship No. 3 and 4, National Championship No. 5 and 6, National Championship No. 7 and 8, National Championship No. 9 and 10) In your first purchase of this product we will send you (National Championship No. 1 and 2) Other times, other forms will be sent to you in succession.


Standards: National.

Language: Arabic.

Number: two championships.

Formula: Paper.

Number of sheets: 200.

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