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Questions & Answers About AMC

Questions & Answers About AMC



Question: I have a training center and I want to represent the Arabian Memory Championship in my country, where there is no representative of the Arabian Memory Championship. What should I do?

Answer: Send us a request in this e-mail: contact@arabianmemory.com

Your request will be studied and you will get a Reply Soon.

Question: I’m interested in memory courses and I want to become a Memory certified trainer Agreed by the Arabian Memory Championships Foundation. How can I reach this goal?

Answer: There are clear steps in order to reach that Goal, by attending the following training courses:

1- Sharper Memory Diploma: (first level).

2- Practitioner Memory strategies: (Level II).

3- Master in Memory strategies: (Level III).

4- Participating in the Arabian Memory Championship as a competitor.

5- Attendance of the course “Memory Certified Trainer” (Level IV).

Where you will receive the training package to offer the “Sharper Memory Diploma” (Level I), and after you reach the training of 100 people, you will have the training package “Practitioner Memory strategies” (Level 2) For more information go to the portal of « Training Courses » and see the definition of « Memory Certified Trainer » course.

Question: We are a training center, can we get technical support from you to establish a National Memory Championship and that our results will be registered in the official site of the Arabian and the World Memory Championship?

Answer: Yes, we can offer this kind of support, but only to our representative centers in the Arab countries. The process be gins with the first step. It is the invitation of the memory training expert Dr. Riadh Bensaoucha to provide a number of training courses for the elite that will participate in the Championship, and after the Training of this elite we will prepare the events of the Championship, and we send 2 Main Arbiters to help you the Organize the Championship Successfully.

Question: How can I get the books of the founder of the Arabian Memory Championship Dr Riadh Bensaoucha?

Answer: Through the “Publications of the Foundation” of this web site you will find a summary of the book and the places who have the book in the Arab world and the contact informations.

Question: Is the Arabian Memory Championships be every year?

Answer: Yes, once a year, and it’s an open Championship where any one from the Arab world can participate.

Question: Is it true that the course of « Memory Certified Trainer » is held once a year?

Answer: Yes, it will be held once a year and for 4 days and will be immediately after the Arabian Memory Championship.

Question: Is there a Memory Certified Trainer in my country?

Answer: You can access the “Arabian Championship Trainers” page and see the list of Trainers. you can download the CV of any Trainer and communicate directly with him.