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 Arabian Memory Championship is the first Arabian Championship in memory sports in the Arab world, the 1st Arabian Memory Championship is held in Algeria the 23th – 24th December 2012.

It will be held annually by the training centers that adopt this project in the Arabian countries.

The Arabian Memory Championship was created by Mr. Riadh Bensaoucha, the expert, certified in memory training, professional trainer in human development and the researcher on the strategies of memory.
The Arabian Memory Championship is managed by a team that consists of the managers of the partner centers in other different Arab countries.

The Vision of Arabian Memory Championship:

1 – Arabian Championship:

The championship is involving competitors from all Arab countries in order to increase the sense of Arab unity.

2 – Powerful championship in memory:

The Arabian Championships aim to develop the capacity of the memory of the Arabian people to serve the benefit of these mental skills in everyday life, professionally and academically.
3 – Competition as per worldwide level:

The Arabian Memory Championship aims to create Arab elite compete at the international level in the World Memory Championships, and overseas the Arab world title in the next year, 2015.
4 – Set new standards in the competition:

The aim of the Arabian Memory Championship in its first phase (2012) was to develop the simple criteria to compete in the field of memory and only in order to introduce the culture of developing memory to the Arabian world, and in the second phase (2013) adopted the “National disciplines” of the WMSC in order to create elite competitors for the world title in memory and to honor the Arabs by coming the first in 2015.

At the beginning of the year 2016, it will adopt the “International disciplines” of the WMSC.
5 – One of the most important Arabian cultural events:

The Arabian Memory Championship aims to be one of the most important annual events in the Arabian world, to enhance, to unleash the Arabian memory power and to develop the people in the Arabian world.

The Mission of the Arabian Memory Championships:
1 – Spreading the culture of memory development:

The culture of mental capacity development will be achieved through training courses and conferences, publications and various media however, a certified group of professional trainers in the discipline of memory, will provide all the powerful tools for training and through Arabian Memory Champions.
2 – Uniting the Arabian countries:

To be a space for the annual meeting of the Arab elite which are distinguished by a very special mental abilities in order to compete for the Arabian title , to consolidate the Arabian communication and to discuss the development of the competitions through the Arabian conferences which will be held for this purpose.
3 – Building elite of Arabian international competitors:

Building capable Arabian elite; able to compete in the World Memory Championship in 2015 and winning the world title to honor all Arabs. It can be achieved through courses, various memory trainings in purpose to prepare candidates to compete for the Arabian World title and the worldwide title thereafter.
4 – Developing standards for the service of humanity:

A continuous improvement in training standards and forms of memory tests in the tournament is to ensure through these standards upgrading the capacity and to sharpen the memory in all life areas.
Values of the Arabian Memory Championship:
1 – Arabian Unity:

The need for strong Arabian world representatives in the tournament:
2 – Global Pioneer and Leadership:

Gracing the Arabs for the worldwide title, then set new criteria to be the standard in the competition.

3 – Developing human power:

The aim is to create a competition that generates continuous development of training programs in the Arabian world to serve the development of the mental capacity of human and bringing it to new horizons in order to explore and serve its potential.

The slogan of Arabian Memory Championship:

Your path to the unlimited horizons of memory capacities

Stages of Arabian Memory Championship: The Arabian Memory Championship passes through four basic stages:

1-Algeria Memory championship (2012): It was held on 3rd and 4th  of July 2012 and it was the real starting point of the Arabian Championship of memory, it aimed to gather as many as possible number of candidates for the Arabian Memory Championship, defines the next Arabian Memory Championship which will be held during 23rd and 25th of December 2012, to provide a training and experience on the tests of the memory championship , give an opportunity to the administrative and managed team of the championship in order to gain experience  about the  management of the  championship to ensure the success of the First (1st) Arabian Memory Championship.

2 –The first Arabian Memory Championship (2012): It was held during 23rd and 25th of December, It was the first Arabian Memory Championship. It is aimed to be held every year in an Arabian country according to the request of the representative centers of the championship and their abilities to organize this Arabian competition.

3- World title in memory (2015): During the Arabian Memory Championship in 2013 and 2014, it will add the areas of competition in the World Memory Championship in order to configure the Arabian elite to participate in the World Memory Championship. It will be supported and sponsored by the Arabian Championship in the global competition of the memory in 2014 and 2015. The goal to be achieved is an Arabian candidate who will win the world memory championship in 2015.

4- The strongest competition in the field of memory (2016): After getting the world title by the Arabian elite, the goal will be that the Arabian Memory Championship is the first global reference in the competition in the mental capacity through the level and standards Competition and that will actually reflect the power of human memory.

Conditions for participation in the Arabian Memory Championship:

1 –The competition is open to all individuals from various Arabian countries and all ages.

2– The winner in the qualifications in his country will travel to the global competition on the expense and sponsoring of the Arabian Memory Championship.

3– If the competitors do not win in the qualifications in their country, they have the right to participate but they take all charges and fees by themselves.

4 – Participation in the Arabian Championship is without any qualification except in the case that the number of participants exceeds 10 from each Arab Country.

5– Qualifications will be by choosing the best participants in Random Numbers test.

6– To participate in the Arabian Memory Championship, it is not required to attend any of the training programs.

7– It is not allowed to members of the organizing team to participate in the Arabian memory championship.

8–fee to participate in the Arabian Memory Championship is 50 $.

Disciplines of the Arabian Memory Championship:

1- Names& Faces: (Memorization time: 5 minutes) (Recall time: 15 minutes)

2- Random Numbers: (Memorization time: 15 minutes) (Recall time: 30 minutes)

3- Random Words: (Memorization time: 5 minutes) (Recall time: 15 minutes)

4- Historic/Future Dates: (Memorization time: 5 minutes) (Recall time: 15 minutes)

5- Abstract Images: (Memorization time: 15 minutes) (Recall time: 30 minutes)

6- Speed Numbers: (Memorization time: 5 minutes) (Recall time: 15 minutes)

7- Binary Digits: (Memorization time: 5 minutes) (Recall time: 15 minutes)

8- Spoken Numbers: 100 Digits (Recall time: 5 minutes)

Spoken Numbers: 400 Digits (Recall time: 20 minutes)

9- Speed Cards: (Memorization time: 5 minutes) (Recall time: 5 minutes)

10- Random Cards: (Memorization time: 10 minutes) (Recall time: 30 minutes)

11- Day Calculation: (Recall time: 5 minutes)

Arabian Memory Championship Awards:

First prize: Two thousand dollars (2000 $) + first ranked certificate in memory in the Arabian level.

Second prize: One thousand dollars (1000 $) + second ranked certificate in memory in the Arab level.
Third prize: Five hundred dollars (500 $) + third ranked certificate in the memory at the Arab level.

Partners of the Arabian Memory Championship:

Partners of the Arabian Memory Championship project are training centers in the Arab countries which adopt the project, as well as accredited trainers in memory training who offer training and courses to prepare the candidates to the Arabian Memory Championship.

Centers and trainers who take part in the project of the Arabian Memory Championship must respect and follow the conditions of the administrative committee of the project. On the other hand, they benefit from many advantages as signed conditions book states.

The partnership will be terminated immediately with any party which doesn’t respect or follow the signed conditions especially when it comes to the intellectual property rights.

Results of the Arabian Memory Championships:

Arabian Memory Championships Disciplines Results Champion
2012 (Algeria) Regional Results Salim Belhamache
2013 (Tunisia) National Results Meryem Yezza
2014 (Egypt) National Results Meryem Yezza
2015 (Morocco) National Results Yahia Nasreddine RASSINE 
2016 (Algeria) International Results Yahia Nasreddine RASSINE 
2017 (Turqui) International Results

Upcoming Championships in the Arab world 2017:


Upcoming Championships : Location Date Registration
 7th Algerian (2018) Algires 24 March 2018 Open for Arab World
2st Lebanese (2017) Beirut 02 َAugust 2017 Closed
3nd Sudanese (2017) Khartoum  – Closed
3nd Lybian (2017) Tripoli Open for Arab World
4rd Tunisian (2018) Tunis Closed
6th Arabian (2017) Istanbul 05-06 November 2017 International Events – Open for Arab World
3nd Egyptian (2017) Cairo 19 August 2017 Closed
3rd Moroccan (2016) Marakech Closed


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